Data Quackery stop sign

Metrics, Charts and Reports

That look pretty, promise much, but are pretty worthless - AND how to fix them

Data Quackery Training Course

Lead by Dr Mike Bell

Learn everything you need to know about simple data analysis in just one day.

Avoid data quackery and let the metrics tell their story.

The training is split into 4 sections…

  1. Recognise Data Quackery (in all its various forms)
  2. Realise the deleterious impact Data Quackery can have on individuals and organisations
  3. Refresh the principles of simple data analysis
  4. Reduce down to the only 4 data tools that you will ever need

Location - your site. Ideal class size 6-20 people. Click here for an outline of the course.

Send me an e-mail or give me a call to discuss customising this course for your organisation

Note that these classes are very limited now (only a few days a year), as Dr Mike Bell is working full time for the Scottish Ambulance Service as an Improvement Lead in the Strategy Team.

4 Data Analysis Tools

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