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Metrics, Charts and Reports

That look pretty, promise much, but are pretty worthless - AND how to fix them



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Data Quackery - Metrics, charts and reports that look pretty, promise much, but are pretty worthless - AND how to fix them.

A4 paperback full colour, 96 pages, £11 each plus postage & packing

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In the past few decades, we have lost our way with metrics and driving improvement. Everyone knows that they should be measuring things, but we are now drowning in numbers. And these numbers and the way that they are used and presented are hindering progress, rather than showing us the way forward.

This book will help you...

  1. Recognise Data Quackery (in all its various forms)
  2. Realise the deleterious impact Data Quackery can have on individuals and organisations
  3. Refresh the principles of simple data analysis
  4. Reduce down to the only 4 data tools that you will ever need

Take a Look Inside the Book


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Data Quackery Table of Contents


And click this image to read the Preface, which gives some background to the book, the aims and a short biography of Dr Mike Bell

Data Quackery Preface


Here is an example of Data Quackery from p12 of the book - Red, Amber Green (RAG) status

Data Quackery page 12 Red Amber Green (RAG) status